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In a digital world where every brand promises its value, we prefer to let our customers tell the story. At dusver, we believe that the most genuine form of appreciation comes directly from those with whom we have worked - our valued customers. Their experiences and success stories are proof of our dedication, creativity and the impact we create together. Discover the transformative journeys we have led and be inspired by the real results we have achieved. Welcome to our collection of customer reviews, where honesty and success resonate in every review.

Modular & Innovative Team

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EDGE Workspaces

EDGE Workspaces and so far: a collaboration focused on innovative workplaces

Strategy | Web design (UI/UX) | Web development | SEO | SEA | Custom API

koen betlem profile dusver

Koen Betlem

Our experience with dusver was extraordinary. From the beginning, they understood our need for an innovative and user-friendly online presence for EDGE Workspaces. Their insight and expertise in web design and digital marketing helped us effectively communicate our vision of sustainable and future-oriented workplaces. Sover’s creative input and technical skills were essential in creating an attractive and functional website that reinforces our message of innovation and sustainability in the workplace sector.

The Driven Club

Collaboration that exceeds expectations: a customer-centric triumph

Strategy | Web design (UI/UX) | Web development | SEO

peter de gruijl profile dusver

Peter de Gruijl

Working with Sebastian van dusver was a true revelation in customer focus and creative insight. Their ability to not only understand my vision but transform it into a design that exceeds all expectations is second to none. Their view from the client’s eyes adds unique value to the project. I enthusiastically look forward to our future projects.


EDGE Next and so far: a partnership of innovation and quality

Strategy | Web design (UI/UX) | Web development | SEO | SEA | CRM (Salesforce & Hubspot) Linking & Setup

jonathan wisler profile dusver

Jonathan Wisler

The collaboration with dusver, led by Sebastian, has proven crucial in initiating, designing and scaling up marketing activities for our innovative products. Their ability to quickly understand both technical and creative challenges sets them apart. dusver possesses a wide range of skills and is always ready to act quickly. What makes them truly unique is their constant focus on delivering high-quality work and creative ideas.

Your Own Leader

Web design mastery: the experience of Your Own Leader

Strategy | Web design (UI/UX) | Web development | SEO

freek diets profile dusver

Freek Diets

As founder of Your Own Leader, I have worked with Sebastian Smeenk of dusver Marketing Agency. What struck me was his ability to really think from the client perspective and translate it into a website that not only reflected my vision, but also exceeded my clients’ expectations. Their positive comments on our website were a direct confirmation of dusver’s expertise and impact.

Sparkey by Motivaction

Sparkey's scintillating collaboration with sover

Strategy | Web design (UI/UX) | Web development

yvonne van beek profile dusver

Yvonne van Beek

Our collaboration with dusver focused on creating a professional website for Sparkey, appropriate for our new phase of growth. What appealed to me most was the speed and flexibility of dusver. They knew exactly how to capture our vision in the design and handled our requests for modifications smoothly. The result is a website that exudes exactly what we envisioned.


SODAQ's dynamic digital transformation with so far

Strategy | Web design (UI/UX) | Web development | SEO | CRM (HubSpot) linking

ollie smeenk profile dusver

Ollie Smeenk

Our cooperation with dusver was a harmonious process. They understood our requirements from the beginning and worked closely with our marketing team. What really hit us was the unique twist they put on our branding style through brilliant designs and animated graphics. They inspired our team to deliver quality content and completed the project within our ambitious timeline, also integrating a modern content management system to ensure our future growth.

Rock City Brewing

Rock City Brewing and so far: a vibrant partnership

Strategy | Web Design (UI/UX) | E-Commerce Development (Shopify & WooCommerce) | Web Development | Custom web development

koen overeem profile dusver

Koen Overeem

Our collaboration with dusver was a refreshing experience. They flawlessly translated our passion for craft beer into a stylish and functional online presence. Their creative approach in branding and web design helped us bring out the uniqueness of Rock City Brewing. Thanks to so far, we have not only increased our visibility but also seen an increase in sales of our specialty beer in our web shop. Their expertise in digital marketing and UI/UX design was crucial to the success of our project.