BEANY Coffee: Pioneering in Sustainable Coffee Innovation

BEANY Coffee’s journey was an immersive adventure of sustainable innovation and social change. As an internal project from so far, BEANY aimed to transform the coffee industry with a radical approach in design, aesthetics and environmental awareness. This case study highlights how we created a completely new, sustainable coffee brand, addressing every aspect of branding, UI/UX, graphic design and web development to provide a unique and impactful brand experience.


The Challenge: Creating a Revolutionary Sustainable Coffee Brand

BEANY Coffee, an ambitious project from so far, faced the immense task of creating an entirely new coffee brand in a market that is both competitive and saturated. The challenge was twofold: first, to create a sustainable and transparent coffee brand that could stand out in the industry, and second, to build a strong online presence that communicates BEANY Coffee ‘s unique values.

The first step in this challenge was to conduct a thorough brand analysis and market research to understand and determine BEANY Coffee ‘s position in the market. This required a deep understanding of the target audience, competitive analysis and identifying BEANY Coffee‘s unique selling points. The goal was to create a brand that not only excels in quality, but also tells a story that appeals to consumers and spurs them to action.

Then the focus was on website creation and e-commerce setup. This digital presence needed to reflect the essence of BEANY Coffee, with a user-friendly UI/UX, attractive graphic design, and strong brand packaging that conveys the core values of sustainability and transparency.

Developing a completely new brand identity, including branding, logo design and brand packaging, was crucial to position BEANY Coffee as a pioneer in the sustainable coffee industry. All this required a creative and innovative approach from the dusver team, carefully considering every detail to create a cohesive and compelling brand story.

The challenge for BEANY Coffee was not only to enter the coffee market, but also to transform the industry by leading a movement focused on sustainability, fairness and transparency. Its success would depend on the effectiveness of its integrated brand strategy and digital presence, which together would usher in a new era in the coffee industry.

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Innovation and Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

To overcome BEANY Coffee ‘s challenges, sover implemented an integrated approach focused on creating a brand that is as innovative as it is sustainable. The solution began with the development of a unique brand identity that reflected BEANY ‘s core values of sustainability, transparency and fair trade. This was achieved through in-depth research into the coffee industry and direct collaboration with farmers to create an authentic story.

The website and e-commerce setup were crucial to BEANY‘s online success. The So Far team designed a user-friendly website with a sophisticated UX/UI that not only effectively presented the products, but also highlighted BEANY ‘s story and mission. The webshop was optimized for a smooth customer experience, from browsing to purchase.

Modern, attractive visuals were developed for the branding and graphic design that highlighted BEANY ‘s unique approach. The logo and packaging design focused on reflecting quality and durability, while also ensuring a distinctive market presence.

The content creation and online marketing strategy focused on building a strong online presence. Through engaging and educational content, customers were informed about coffee origins, sustainable practices and the importance of transparency in the industry.

This holistic approach ensured that BEANY Coffee not only offered a product, but also led a movement that inspired consumers to make more conscious choices. With these solutions, BEANY took a step toward a more sustainable coffee industry and strengthened its position as an innovative and responsible brand.

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The project in

BEANY Coffee ‘s journey revealed both notable successes and instructive challenges. Initially, the launch led to an increase in website traffic and sales, demonstrating market receptivity for the sustainable and transparent coffee brand. Strong branding and unique marketing strategies significantly enhanced brand identity. However, rising supplier costs, especially due to high shipping costs, led to unsustainable consumer prices, resulting in the project’s early termination. Nonetheless, BEANY ‘s active period provided valuable insights about the potential of sustainable coffee brands, and serves as inspiration and learning for future sustainable ventures.

Visitor numbers

After launching BEANY Coffee, we saw a significant increase in web traffic, which helped strengthen brand awareness.

Brand awareness

The new branding and marketing strategies have effectively contributed to increasing the visibility of the BEANY brand.


Thanks to the efficient e-commerce setup and an attractive web shop, BEANY experienced a significant increase in online sales.

Customer engagement

Targeted social media campaigns resulted in increased engagement and follower numbers, helping to build a loyal customer base.


BEANY Coffee’s focus on sustainability had a positive impact on the environment, through direct collaboration and local roasting of coffee beans as well as sustainable packaging.

Social impact

BEANY Coffee’s focus on ethical business practices had a positive impact on society through direct trading with coffee farmers.

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