Digital transformation for NNCZ: Toward an innovative online experience

NNCZ, a leading healthcare organization, partnered with Sover on a groundbreaking journey to revamp their digital identity and create an online platform that captures the essence of their approach to care. The result was an entirely new website that reflects not only their services, but also their commitment to the well-being of their clients and the communities they serve.


The digital transformation
of concern

Transforming NNCZ ‘s digital presence was no easy task. We faced the challenge of translating a complex set of healthcare services and initiatives into a user-friendly and accessible online experience. One of the biggest challenges was in understanding the diverse needs of different stakeholders, such as family caregivers, volunteers, referrers and potential employees, and finding ways to offer relevant information and functionalities for each of these audiences. In addition, we had to take into account the sensitive nature of the healthcare industry and ensure that the website was not only informative, but also empathetic and supportive to those who were seeking care and support for themselves or their loved ones.

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A refuge
for care

To meet NNCZ ‘s needs, we developed a comprehensive and customized digital solution that not only captures the essence of their healthcare services, but also creates an inviting and empathetic online environment for users of all backgrounds. This included designing and building a new website that was not only visually appealing, but also functional and user-friendly. We integrated different sections and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of caregivers, volunteers, referrers and potential employees, and ensured that the website is a source of support and information for anyone seeking care services. Our solution also included implementing a robust management system that allowed the NNCZ team to easily manage content, perform updates and track user interactions to continually improve and adapt the experience to the changing needs of their community.

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The project in

NNCZ ‘s new digital platform has delivered significant results, with a significant increase in website traffic, improved engagement and growing brand awareness. The analyses show an increase in repeat visitors, an increase in volunteer applications and a positive response from family caregivers and referrers. These figures confirm NNCZ ‘s successful digital transformation and mark a new era of online engagement and healthcare innovation.

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