Digital innovation for FlinQ Plastics: from concept to realization

FlinQ Plastics, a leading partner in plastic manufacturing, has joined forces with dusver and Mediabrix to transform their unique vision of plastic product development into affordable and feasible mass production. Together, we created a digital platform that highlights not only FlinQ Plastics ‘ versatility and expertise, but also the accessibility and feasibility of their manufacturing processes for customers worldwide.


A digital future for plastics manufacturing

To meet the needs of FlinQ Plastics, in partnership with Mediabrix, we developed a customized digital solution that captures the core of their plastics manufacturing services while creating a warm and inviting online environment. This process began with the design and construction of an entirely new website. Our focus was on making the site visually appealing, while not losing sight of functionality and usability. We wanted to create a platform that not only reflected FlinQ Plastics ‘ innovation and expertise, but also guided customers through the complex process of product development. From the initial brainstorming session to final production, each step was illustrated and explained to help potential clients understand how their unique ideas could be brought to life. We also implemented a robust content management system, enabling the FlinQ Plastics team to easily manage and update content, track user interactions and continuously improve the website. This ensured that the digital platform became not only a showcase of their capabilities, but also a source of knowledge and support for anyone interested in plastic product development.

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A new era plastic product development

FlinQ Plastics ‘ digital transformation presented a series of complex challenges. As a total partner in plastics manufacturing, with a rich history and expertise in injection molding, it was essential to create an online platform that not only did justice to their comprehensive services, but also communicated FlinQ Plastics ‘ unique value proposition in a clear and accessible way. The main stumbling block was in translating the multifaceted and technical process of plastic injection molding into a format that was understandable and appealing to a wide audience. This included explaining the technical nuances of injection molding and mold making in a way that was both informative and non-intimidating. In addition, there was the challenge of balancing displaying FlinQ Plastics as an innovative leader in the industry with maintaining their no-nonsense, customer-centric approach. This required careful consideration of content and design to ensure that the website not only offered a deep understanding of plastic product development capabilities, but also reflected the personal touch and accessibility of the FlinQ team.

Een screenshot van een website met een gezondheidszorgthema, met secties zoals navigatiemenu's, artikelen en servicebeschrijvingen. het ontwerp bevat gouden en violette kleuren met afbeeldingen van gezondheidswerkers en patiënten.

The project in

FlinQ Plastics ‘ digital transformation marks a milestone in the way plastic manufacturing is approached and experienced. By partnering with sover and Mediabrix, we have not only created a platform that highlights FlinQ Plastics ‘ unique value proposition, but also a source of inspiration and innovation within the industry. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and the further development of pioneering plastic products.

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