Transforming Real Estate with The Building Revolution

The Building Revolution, an initiative supported by the Smart Building Collective and EDGE Next, is dedicated to highlighting intelligent workplaces through an innovative broadcast platform. Their mission is to explore the challenges and solutions associated with creating smarter buildings.


Overcoming Challenges at the Launch of The Building Revolution

Launching The Building Revolution, a new initiative supported by the Smart Building Collective and EDGE Next, brought several challenges. As a digital marketing agency, we had to work together to overcome these challenges and make the project a success.

One of the main challenges was to create a new platform for podcasting and video production in a highly competitive market. We needed to develop a strategy to stand out and attract a loyal audience amid a plethora of digital content.

Another challenge was ensuring an intuitive user experience on the platform. Designing an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX required attention to detail and collaboration to ensure visitors had easy access to valuable content.

In addition, it was essential to create a strong brand identity for The Building Revolution so that the platform was recognizable in the marketplace and built credibility.

Customer journey mapping and technical SEO optimization were further challenges to increase online visibility and ensure the platform was accessible to a wide range of real estate professionals.

Together with our partners, we addressed these challenges and implemented a holistic solution to successfully launch The Building Revolution and explore the future of smart buildings.

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Successfully launching The Building Revolution

As a digital marketing agency, we implemented a comprehensive solution to successfully launch The Building Revolution and address the challenges of this ambitious project.

First, we focused on producing high-quality podcast and video productions that formed the core of The Building Revolution. Our content creation was purposeful, producing and promoting engaging interviews and discussions with experts, researchers and leaders in the real estate industry. This quickly caught the attention of professionals interested in the future of intelligent buildings.

We also worked closely to develop an intuitive and user-friendly user interface (UI/UX) for the platform. This resulted in a seamless user experience, which improved the accessibility of valuable information for visitors.

In terms of brand strategy and positioning, we worked to create a distinctive market position for The Building Revolution. We reinforced the brand’s visual identity through creative direction for video and photo materials.

We also mapped customer journeys to optimize user interaction with the platform, which contributed to improved online visibility thanks to technical SEO optimization.

In short, our holistic approach led to the successful launch of The Building Revolution, making the platform a valuable source of insights for the real estate community. Our solution has helped create awareness and discussion about the future of smart buildings and continues to drive innovation.

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At the launch of The Building Revolution, we accurately collected data to measure the impact of our efforts. In this phase of the project, we have achieved some impressive results. These figures illustrate our effective approach to making the launch of The Building Revolution a success and show how we generated valuable interest within the right community. Our ongoing efforts are focused on further expanding and developing this innovative platform. We look forward to making an even greater impact in the world of intelligent buildings.


Our targeted LinkedIn campaigns generated an impressive Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 1.9%. This shows that nearly 2% of our target audience was actively engaged and showed interest in The Building Revolution.



With 1.18k impressions, we extended the reach of The Building Revolution. This means that our platform has gained prominence among many professionals within the niche of intelligent buildings.



We ensured that The Building Revolution was displayed on LinkedIn at position 32.7 on average. As a result, our platform was highly visible in the feeds of our target audience.


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