A digital revolution in odor control

Learn how the collaboration between Aerox and our digital marketing team, in partnership with another digital agency, created a groundbreaking transformation in their online presence. With over 30 years of experience in odor control, Aerox has revolutionized the industry by implementing an advanced UI/UX web design that has taken their global standard to new heights.


A new dimension in online odor control

Aerox, with more than three decades of expertise in odor control, faced a significant digital challenge. As a pioneer in the development and production of cold-plasma-based odor control technologies, it was essential that their online presence be equally revolutionary and accessible to their global customer base. The challenge was not only in translating their complex technological solutions into an understandable and engaging online experience, but also in ensuring seamless integration of multilingual content. This was crucial to effectively reach and serve the diverse industries and customers Aerox serves.

The need to create a digital environment that reflects both the industry’s extensive knowledge and Aerox’ s unique approach to odor control required a thoughtful approach. The website had to be not only informative and educational, but also highlight the scientific innovation and sustainability of Aerox‘s solutions. In addition, the platform had to be flexible enough to allow Aerox’ s internal team to manage and update content themselves, which is critical for a company that is constantly innovating and expanding its offerings. Bridging this digital divide while maintaining Aerox’ s core values and leading position in the marketplace was an ambitious task that required a coordinated effort of creative and technical expertise.

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Creation of a digital platform

To address Aerox’ s challenges, we developed an innovative UI/UX design within the flexible framework of WordPress. This approach allowed us to create a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing platform that accurately reflects Aerox’s global presence and leading technologies. The design was carefully tailored to the needs of various user groups, from industry experts to potential customers, and ensured that the complexities of odor control technology were presented in an accessible and understandable way.

We paid special attention to creating a multilingual website that supports Aerox’ s global footprint, allowing content to be dynamically and seamlessly adapted to different cultures and languages. This was essential to effectively reach the variety of industries and customers Aerox serves. The new platform provides in-depth insight into Aerox’s advanced technologies, including the groundbreaking Aerox injector, through interactive elements and detailed case studies. This not only highlights Aerox‘s expertise but also encourages engagement and exploration.

In addition, the design has been optimized for ease of use, with an intuitive navigation structure that effortlessly guides visitors to the information they are looking for. The integration of responsive design ensures that the website functions optimally on all devices and screen sizes, further improving accessibility and user experience. By putting the Aerox team in control of content management, we created a platform that is not only relevant today, but can easily grow with the company.

The implementation of this digital platform marks a significant step forward in presenting Aerox as a leader in sustainable odor control solutions. It reflects their commitment to innovation and sustainability, and allows them to communicate with their target audiences in ways that truly resonate with Aerox’s mission to create an odor-free world.

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The project in

Since the launch of the new digital platform for Aerox, the collaboration between our team and Aerox has led to a significant impact on their online presence. The implementation of UI/UX design within WordPress not only improved the aesthetics and functionality of the website, but also significantly increased interaction with users worldwide. Recent figures from the last 90 days reveal impressive growth in Aerox’s digital presence, a direct result of the revamped website and optimized user experience. The following is a summary of the main results that this project produced, in addition to the significant improvements we observed:

Visitor numbers

A remarkable increase of 13,000 visitors, representing a growth of 102.9% compared to the previous 90 days. This increase underscores the appeal and relevance of the new platform to a wider audience.



With 9,900 impressions, we achieved an increase of 87.9% over the previous period. This indicates significantly improved visibility of Aerox in search engines and on digital platforms.


Click interaction

The number of clicks rose to 679, an impressive 161.2% increase over the previous 90 days. This illustrates increased engagement and interest in the content and solutions provided by Aerox.


Unique visitors

Thanks to optimized search engine strategies, we attracted 815 unique visitors through searches, an increase of 75.6%. This highlights the success of our SEO efforts and Aerox’s improved findability online.



Perhaps most striking is the growth in conversions, with a total of 45 in the last 90 days – an increase of 136.8%. This growth in conversions confirms the effectiveness of the new Web site design in facilitating user actions, from requests for more information to direct contact.


Page views

In the last 90 days, we experienced a 120% increase in page views, indicating deeper visitor engagement and interaction with Aerox’s content. This highlights how the new platform not only attracts more visitors, but also encourages them to stay longer and explore more pages.


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