The ongoing collaboration between dusver and EDGE Workspaces

The collaboration between dusver studio and EDGE Workspaces is all about innovation and creativity. With a shared vision of sustainable and future-oriented workplaces, dusver created a renewed digital strategy for EDGE Workspaces. From an engaging website to effective PPC campaigns, this collaboration has since resulted in 400+ leads, 75+ booked tours and a growing user base. Discover how this partnership is an example of achieving shared goals.

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The collaboration between dusver Studio and EDGE Workspaces is all about innovation, creativity and a shared vision of sustainable and future-oriented workplaces. EDGE Workspaces, a leading provider of flexible office space in Europe, focuses on creating modern workspaces that are both innovative and sustainable. This vision aligns seamlessly with dusver’s core values, and together we are building an attractive and functional online presence that reflects those values.

EDGE Workspaces and their mission

EDGE Workspaces is a leading provider of flexible workspaces that puts sustainability and innovation at its core. Their mission is to create workplaces that promote employee well-being and productivity while minimizing their carbon footprint. With offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Hamburg, among others, EDGE Workspaces has built a strong network of offices that perfectly meet the needs of modern businesses.

One of their newest locations, EDGE HafenCity in Hamburg, represents this vision perfectly. In their article,“EDGE HafenCity: The Right Place for Your Company,” they describe how this location is revolutionizing workplace dynamics in Hamburg by combining smart technology and sustainability.

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Sebastian Smeenk

Business developer

The importance of innovation and sustainability in the modern workplace is further highlighted in the article“EDGE HafenCity is Shaping This Historic Area of Hamburg,” in which EDGE Workspaces positions itself as a leader in shaping the future of workplaces. Their focus on technology, wellness and sustainability offers businesses an innovative and inspiring environment to thrive.

The challenge

When EDGE Workspaces began looking for a digital marketing agency that could help them strengthen their online presence, they soon found themselves at dusver Studio. Koen, the previous Sales Director of EDGE Workspaces, talks about the initial challenges:

“Our experience with dusver was extraordinary. From the beginning, they understood our need for an innovative and user-friendly online presence for EDGE Workspaces. Their insight and expertise in web design and digital marketing helped us to effectively communicate our vision of sustainable and future-oriented workspaces.”

The main challenges that dusver had to address were:

  1. Innovative and attractive website: Creating an innovative and attractive website that clearly communicates the values and mission of EDGE Workspaces.
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy: Implementing a digital marketing strategy that translates their sustainable and forward-looking vision into a growing customer base.
  3. Enhanced user experience (UX/UI): Continuously improving the user experience based on feedback and analytics.

The solution

With these challenges in mind, dusver began a complete review of EDGE Workspaces’ digital strategy. At the heart of this was an optimal user experience, both on the website and in the marketing campaigns. The collaboration led to the development of a brand new website that perfectly reflects the values of EDGE Workspaces.

Website & UX/UI design The website was built with a clear design and navigation structure. Insights from data analysis and user feedback were used to make ongoing improvements to the website’s design and functionality.

Koen emphasizes the impact of dusver’s approach:

“Dusver’s creative input and technical skills were essential in creating an attractive and functional website that reinforces our message of innovation and sustainability in the workplace sector.”

Digital Marketing Strategy The digital marketing strategy for EDGE Workspaces included:

  • SEO optimization: Targeted local and specific keywords for each EDGE Workspaces location, including “flexible office spaces Amsterdam” and “co-working spaces Hamburg.”
  • PPC campaigns: Focused on increasing the visibility of EDGE Workspaces through Google Ads and social media campaigns.
  • Content creation: Create informative and compelling blog articles, landing pages and case studies that effectively convey the vision and values of EDGE Workspaces.

The ongoing collaboration with Hassen

While working with Koen laid a solid foundation for EDGE Workspaces’ digital presence, the current partnership with Hassen continues with the same level of passion and dedication. Hassen, who works closely with dusver, provides insight into the ongoing collaboration:

“The agency helps us create the structure of the UX/UI of our company website and regularly improves it based on feedback. They also take care of our digital advertising campaigns on a weekly basis and give us additional ideas and suggestions for the entire digital marketing plan.”

Ongoing collaboration includes:

  • Weekly ad campaigns: dusver manages EDGE Workspaces’ weekly digital ad campaigns, increasing their visibility among their target audience.
  • Feedback and improvement: Weekly meetings and a to-do dashboard ensure that all tasks and details are tracked regularly.
  • Expanding digital strategy: in addition to existing marketing activities, dusver also provides additional ideas and proposals for a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

On communication and flexibility, Hassen says:

“The communication between us and Sebastian is great and he is always available throughout the day and week. His flexibility in the range of tasks he takes care of is also impressive.”

Continuously improved user experience Thanks to weekly meetings and to-do dashboards, dusver and EDGE Workspaces remain constantly up to date on all tasks and details, leading to a continuously improved user experience. Weekly feedback sessions ensure that the UX/UI design of the website is constantly optimized.

EDGE Workspaces in Hamburg: a revolutionary vision

EDGE Workspaces continues to innovate and reinforce their vision of sustainable workspaces, as seen in their newest location, EDGE HafenCity in Hamburg. In their article“EDGE HafenCity Revolutionizing Workspace Dynamics in Hamburg,” they describe how this location is revolutionizing workplace dynamics by combining smart technology, sustainability and well-being.

dusver is working closely with EDGE Workspaces to support and effectively communicate this vision through their digital strategy. Through targeted SEO optimization and PPC campaigns, dusver is helping EDGE Workspaces target the right audience and reinforce their message of innovation and sustainability.

The results

The results of the collaboration are evident in EDGE Workspaces’ online presence and growth:

  • 135k Event Count (GA4 Data): During the last 12 months, 135,000 events have been recorded on the EDGE Workspaces website.
  • 18k users (GA4 Data): The website attracted an impressive 18,000 users.
  • Hyper localized targeting: Targeted to potential customers in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg.
  • 400+ leads: As of October 2023, more than 400 leads have signed up through the form.
  • 75+ tours booked: Since the launch of the campaign with Calendly in October ’23, more than 75 tours have been booked at the three different locations.
  • Improved website experience: A revamped website with improved UX/UI provides a clear and engaging message to visitors.
  • Growth in organic traffic: SEO optimization led to a significant increase in organic traffic.
  • Effective PPC campaigns: Thoughtful PPC campaigns ensure a continuous inflow of qualified leads.
  • Increase in customer engagement: By creating valuable and informative content, EDGE Workspaces has seen an increase in customer engagement and brand loyalty.


The collaboration between dusver and EDGE Workspaces is an example of what can be achieved when two organizations work together with shared values and visions. While dusver continues to work on enhancing EDGE Workspaces’ digital strategy, the focus remains on innovation, creativity and effectively communicating the message of sustainable and future-oriented workplaces.

Koen sums it up perfectly:

“From the beginning, they understood our need for an innovative and user-friendly online presence for EDGE Workspaces. Their insight and expertise in web design and digital marketing helped us effectively communicate our vision of sustainable and future-oriented workspaces.”

With the ongoing collaboration between dusver and EDGE Workspaces, the vision of innovation and sustainability in workplaces continues not only to maintain, but to grow and evolve.

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