Why Wix is not a good idea for your new website

As an entrepreneur working with standard website builders like Wix seem like the perfect solution, it is pitched as the website tool to give your creative entrepreneurial spirit free rein. In this article, we will explain to you why you better Wix may not be such a good choice and Wordpress is.

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Every entrepreneur needs a good and strong brand. Your brand and vision define what your company stands for. In an increasingly digital world, having a website is not just an option or a possibility – it is a must. It is often the first thing potential or existing customers come into contact with. Therefore, a quality and content-rich website is essential.

Over the past twenty years, countless ways have been developed to easily put up a Web site. Companies that provide templates or plugins so that entrepreneurs, hobbyists or bloggers can cobble together a website in an hour. This, of course, is wonderful. The fact that having your own website is so accessible can be seen as a good thing. Some of the better-known names are Wix and WordPress.

It is inconceivable that the average entrepreneur has never heard these names before. Yet there are important differences between these two platforms. In the world of entrepreneurship and business, making the right choices is very important. Choosing the right platform is a perfect example. Exactly what the differences between Wix and WordPress are, we explain step by step here.

Wix: easy and accessible

If you want to put together a website in half an hour, Wix is the right place. It is a platform with standard templates where users can put together their own Web page within a few clicks. It is easy to use and has many options for applying different layouts. These themes are produced by Wix’s designers and are accessible to everyone. They can be compared to themes in PowerPoint.

A website with Wix also needs no further maintenance, since the programmers at Wix do it themselves. The default templates are updated from time to time, leaving you, the Wix user, with nothing to worry about. The coding and programming on the back end of the sites are all managed by Wix, so business owners or bloggers do not need programming knowledge. This seems ideal, right?

In a way, Wix is a nice platform and a good product. Yet it is not the best choice for entrepreneurs. Wix’s templates can be ideal for bloggers or hobbyists who don’t want to worry about maintenance. The fact that a Wix page is so easy to put together is seen as an advantage. But it is also limitation. Indeed, it in no way exudes originality or quality. After all, you don’t want your website to be an outright copy of that of a competing company. A website then seems more like a standard page, like, say, a company page on Instagram or Facebook. Social media pages, on the other hand, are not second-class platforms. On the contrary, they can extend customer reach extremely well. The point is that a website has a different purpose. It is a representation of your brand. Wix is a good platform for a blogger or someone with a hobby project, for a professional website there is a better alternative.

WordPress: customized websites

For entrepreneurs, WordPress is the best platform to build a website on. It is more complex to use than Wix, but the possibilities are endless. With WordPress, it is possible to customize the source codes, giving programmers like us, complete freedom in designing web pages A WordPress website therefore also requires maintenance. This sounds like a disadvantage, but it is not. After all, a website should live and move with the times. This allows Web site managers to constantly deploy new tools to attract – and retain – customers.

Because of the unlimited possibilities, websites can meet all the requirements of the entrepreneur. WordPress’s SEO tools are also many times better and stronger than Wix’s. In the end, this is what it’s all about: being found in the search engines. In addition, WordPress also offers more options when it comes to storage and hosting. WordPress offers 200 GB of disk space required – while with Wix it is only 50 GB. Your business may desperately need this kind of space – think about storing customer data and online content on your website.

As with most good things in life, you pay higher amounts so you get more quality for your money. This is no different with WordPress. There are several subscription options, with different price tags attached. It is also wise to outsource the design of your website to professionals. You may employ a website builder yourself. If not, then it is a smart move to outsource the design and management of your website to fellow entrepreneurs who have experience with WordPress. Web page programming is not for everyone, and it is actually smart to outsource it.

Let dusver be just the party that has experience with this. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities over a good cup of coffee!

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