Transformation in real estate: leap to sustainable digitization

In the world of sustainable real estate, EDGE Next occupies a prominent place. The challenge lay in effectively digitizing this sustainability mission to reach a broader market. sover met this challenge by radically transforming EDGE Next’s online presence. The solution consisted of an integrated digital strategy, including UI/UX design, website development and advanced SEO optimization. The result? Impressive growth in user engagement and web traffic, as shown in detailed analytics, underscoring the impact of this collaboration.


Digitizing EDGE Next's Mission for Smart & Sustainable Buildings

dusver’s challenge in working with EDGE Next was translating their complex and innovative mission into an understandable and engaging online marketing presence. EDGE Next, with a history of more than 25 years in sustainable real estate development, required a platform that not only reflected their technological innovations, but also made clear their commitment to the environment and well-being. The core of this challenge lay in effectively communicating EDGE Next’s commitment to “Smart Buildings,” which contribute to operational efficiency and a path to net zero carbon emissions.

dusver was faced with the task of translating these complex concepts into an accessible digital experience. This included designing an intuitive UI/UX, developing a robust website, and integrating advanced tooling such as Salesforce and Hubspot. A key component was finding the right target audience and developing a digital strategy that effectively conveyed EDGE Next’s mission. It was about communicating EDGE Next’s unique value proposition – how their platform makes buildings smarter, healthier and more sustainable, and doing so in a way that finds resonance with the right audience.

dusver had to not only increase EDGE Next’s online visibility, but also convey their message about sustainability and innovation in a way that appealed and engaged the audience. This required a deep understanding of both technological solutions and sustainable development, and the ability to translate them into an engaging and engaging digital marketing approach.

De afbeelding toont een webpagina voor edge next intelligente bouwoplossingen. het beschikt over een grote afbeelding van een modern gebouw met groene ruimtes. aan de rechterkant geven een tablet en smartphone grafieken weer. tekst benadrukt voordelen zoals besparingen op energiekosten en het welzijn van werknemers.


An Integrated Approach to EDGE Next's Digital Transformation

dusver’ s collaboration with EDGE Next was an exercise in creating a holistic digital strategy that did justice to their ambitious mission of transforming office buildings into smart, sustainable structures. The challenge was not only improving EDGE Next’s digital visibility, but also communicating their complex mission in a clear and engaging way. This required a multidisciplinary approach, involving expertise in UI/UX design, website development, SEO optimization, and digital marketing strategies.

The focus was on designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that effectively conveyed both the technical complexity of EDGE Next’s solutions and their sustainability mission. The team worked closely together to develop a website that was not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also rich in content and optimized for search engines. This provided an improved online presence and increased audience engagement.

In addition, Salesforce CRM integration was a crucial part of the solution. This enabled EDGE Next to more efficiently manage their customer relationships and accurately target marketing efforts. Collaboration was further strengthened through the use of Mailchimp for streamlined communication and audience management.

dusver also played a key role in developing the content strategy for EDGE Next. Leveraging their expertise in digital marketing, they helped the brand tell their story effectively and reach their target audience. This included not only developing the website, but also establishing podcast distribution on platforms such as Apple, Spotify and YouTube, allowing EDGE Next to further spread their message and strengthen their influence in the industry.

De afbeelding toont een computerscherm met een open website gericht op duurzame bedrijfsgebouwen. de site heeft een donker thema met tekst, grafieken en een foto van een glimlachende man. Aan de rechterkant wordt een paneel met bronnencentrum met extra links weergegeven.

The project in

In the year and a half since our collaboration began in September 2022, dusver has achieved a significant transformation in EDGE Next ‘s digital landscape. The strategies and efforts have led to remarkable improvements in Web traffic and user interaction. This resulted in a significant increase in visitor numbers and conversions, demonstrating the growing commitment and loyalty to the EDGE Next brand. Detailed Google Analytics analytics show that not only has the number of returning visitors increased, but efficiency in cost per conversion and conversion rates have also improved thanks to our targeted marketing campaigns.

Visitor numbers

A significant increase in the number of users on the website by 24,000 users, indicating a successful expansion of online reach.


User engagement

The average engagement time per session was 37 seconds, indicating good user interaction.


Search traffic

Significant growth in sessions through paid search by 14,000 sessions, underscoring the effectiveness of paid advertising strategies.


Conversion Rate

A remarkable increase in direct traffic by 3,200 sessions, indicating stronger brand awareness.


Public outreach

An improvement in organic search traffic by 2,700 sessions, an indication of successful SEO optimization.


Customer Interaction

An impressive increase of 1,500 conversions for the demo form, indicating effective customer engagement.


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