IoT Innovation as
Sustainable Mission

Discover how dusver translated SODAQ ‘s mission into digital excellence, with a focus on IoT and sustainability. This story shows how a progressive approach in the technology sector was combined with a sustainable vision, resulting in a groundbreaking platform that raises the standards of IoT innovation and environmental responsibility.


Sustainability and
Technology: The SODAQ Challenge

SODAQ faced a complex and multifaceted challenge typical of an industry leader in the dynamic world of IoT (Internet of Things). As the company evolved into a leading provider of innovative IoT solutions, with clients including Krone, Van Oord, Ballast Nedam and Vodafone, it was critical that their digital presence reflected this growth and expertise. The key lay in developing a website that served not only as a showcase for their revolutionary tracking device but also as a platform that highlighted the extensive scope of their services.

The challenge was further compounded by the need to integrate SODAQ ‘s renewed vision and expanded product portfolio into a cohesive digital experience. It was essential that the new website clearly highlight SODAQ’ s unique value propositions and technological innovations. This included communicating their commitment to sustainability and their ambition to provide the IoT sector with energy-efficient solutions.

SODAQ ‘s mission to realize a battery and battery-free future in the IoT world was to be central to its digital strategy. This mission was not only a technical ambition but also a responsibility to the planet, given the prediction that by 2050 there may be 100 billion connected smart devices in circulation. So the challenge was twofold: demonstrating SODAQ ‘s technological prowess and effectively communicating their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Custom Website for Future Growth

Responding to SODAQ‘s complex challenges, dusver developed an advanced, customized solution that embodied SODAQ’ s core values and technological innovation. The core of this solution was a newly developed website, built on the WordPress CMS platform, tailored to SODAQ‘s unique needs and goals. This website was not only a digital showcase of their products but also served as an interactive platform that conveyed the essence of SODAQ’s mission and vision.

The team focused on creating custom product pages, presenting each product with animated illustrations to highlight features and benefits. This approach provided a deeper understanding of the products and encouraged visitor engagement. Integration with the HubSpot CRM system was a key element, leading to improved lead generation and more efficient customer relationship management processes.

A crucial aspect of this solution was the emphasis on UI/UX design. By conducting interviews within different Buyer Personas during the design phase, dusver was able to make user-centric decisions about the website’s structure, content and visual design. This resulted in an intuitive and engaging user experience, allowing visitors to easily navigate the site and quickly find the information they wanted.

Working with SODAQ ‘s marketing team was essential to the success of this project. Training them on how to use the new website laid a lasting foundation for ongoing content updates and online marketing activities, helping to increase the impact of SODAQ’ s digital presence.

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The project in

dusver’ s efforts to transform SODAQ’s digital landscape have resulted in measurable successes. The new, customized website and sophisticated marketing strategies provided a significant increase in both web visibility and interaction. We are seeing a significant increase in visitor numbers and user engagement. These improvements not only imply increased brand recognition but also indicate a deeper connection to the brand, as evidenced by increased repeat visits and interactions on the website.

User interaction

Through validated UX choices based on interviews with Buyer Personas, a significant increase in user interaction and engagement on the website was observed.

Conversion Rate

The new customized website with an integrated visual editor improved conversion rates, thanks to its user-friendly design and optimized customer journey.

Visitor engagement

Dynamic and informative animations clarifying processes behind SODAQ’s products resulted in longer visit lengths and deeper content engagement.

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