The Flavorful Digital Adventure of Rock City Brewing

Delve into the digital transformation of Rock City Brewing, a brewery known for its adventurous and flavorful beers. With Sover at the helm of UI/UX redesign and website development, Rock City Brewing ‘s online presence underwent a thorough metamorphosis. This case study highlights how the revised web shop and website better express the uniqueness of Rock City Brewing beers and their brewing culture, resulting in improved user experience and significant growth in online engagement, as shown in Google Analytics.


Brewing Digital Uniqueness in a Saturated Marketplace

Rock City Brewing, located in the heart of Amersfoort, is known for its quirky and award-winning craft beers. In a competitive beer market, Rock City Brewing needed to differentiate themselves through not only the quality of their brews, but also their digital presence. The challenge was to translate their unique beer experience and passion for innovation online to make a deeper impression on beer lovers in Europe.

With their award-winning craft beers and a vision to promote an adventurous beer culture, the focus was on creating a website that would bring both their brand identity and their award-winning brewing to life. The key was in developing a UI/UX design that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highlighted the unique stories and flavors of their beers. This required a deep understanding of the craft beer market and the ability to put the essence of Rock City Brewing’ s craft into a digital format.

Adding to the challenge was the need to stand out in a market full of established and new players. Rock City Brewing wanted to be not just an online store, but a digital platform that breathed the spirit of craft beer. This meant developing an online experience that would entice, inform and create a sense of community around their beer brand. sover was tasked with realizing these ambitions and helping Rock City Brewing set a prominent digital footprint in the beer industry.

Een website met het squeezerbier van Rock City Brewing. de linkerkant toont een close-up van een bierfles met een donker etiket, terwijl de rechterkant, in levendig geel, bierdetails weergeeft: abv 3,5%, ibu 15, kleur 6, met een knop "nu kopen".


Shaping Rock City's Digital Flavor Revolution

The solution to Rock City Brewing ‘s digital challenges was a holistic approach focused on seamlessly merging their craft beer identity with a modern digital experience. Dusver took the lead in redesigning the website and web shop, with a strong focus on UI/UX design to create an attractive and user-friendly online environment. This meant creating a visually appealing website that highlighted the unique features of Rock City Brewing’s beers and their brewing process.

The new website was designed to embody the unique, adventurous spirit of Rock City Brewing, with every page and element designed to convey the stories behind their beers and the passion of their brewing team. Also important was the integration of a user-friendly Web shop, where customers could easily navigate through the diverse range of beers and make purchases. The combination of attractive visuals, engaging content and a seamless user experience helped reinforce Rock City Brewing ‘s brand image as a pioneer in the craft beer market.

Search engine optimization (SEO) was also addressed to improve online findability and attract more traffic to the website. sover worked with Rock City Brewing to refine their digital marketing strategy, with a focus on reaching a wider audience and boosting online sales. The result was increased visibility in search engines and growth in online sales, allowing Rock City Brewing to position itself more strongly in the competitive craft beer market.

Deze afbeelding is een screenshot van een webpagina waarop verschillende ambachtelijke bierflessen in verschillende ontwerpen en kleuren worden weergegeven. het middelpunt is een gedetailleerde beschrijving van een bier genaamd "squeezer", waarbij specificaties zoals het alcoholgehalte zichtbaar zijn. de achtergrond is donker met een nette, moderne lay-out.

The project in

Rock City Brewing‘s revised website and web shop, taken in hand by Sover, have made a significant impact since its launch. With an optimized UI/UX and a fresh digital strategy, we saw significant improvements in both user experience and online performance. The numbers speak for themselves: a remarkable increase in website visitors, improved engagement time, and an increase in overall online sales. These enhancements not only reflect the attractiveness of Rock City Brewing’s digital presence but also underscore the success of their unique beer experience in the digital space.

Visitor numbers

An impressive increase in website visitors, indicating a successful digital innovation.


Engagement time

Improved average engagement time per user, indicating an engaging user experience


Online revenue

A significant increase in total online sales, illustrating the effectiveness of the revamped web shop.


New Users

Substantial growth in the number of new users, demonstrating the expansion of customer reach.”


Active Users

An increase in active users in 30 days, reflecting site attractiveness and engagement.



An impressive number of conversions through the web platform, indicating effective customer interactions.


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