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EDGE Workspaces, a pioneer in revolutionary workspaces, joined forces with Sover to create a digital identity that embraces their innovative ethos. The result was a transformative online experience that set the standard for workplace innovation and community building.


A New Horizon in Workplace Innovation

EDGE Workspaces is known for its avant-garde approach to work environments, focusing on creating spaces that both inspire and provide functionality. The digital challenge was to develop an online presence that not only reflected this innovative design, but also translated the core values of sustainability, community and well-being into an intuitive and interactive platform. Adding to the complexity of this task was the need to develop a versatile digital architecture that would facilitate a wide range of services, from booking flexible workspaces to virtual tours and community events.

dusver was faced with the challenge of linking EDGE Workspaces dynamic spaces and the atmosphere of their locations with a digital experience that went beyond static images and descriptions. The goal was to create a digital journey that was as immersive and inviting as a visit to any of the EDGE Workspaces locations themselves. This required a holistic approach to digital strategy, fusing website design, SEO, content creation and online advertising to tell a coherent and compelling online story.

Een professionele werkruimte met een man in een blauw shirt die op een laptop werkt aan een ronde tafel omringd door weelderige groene planten. het beeld maakt deel uit van een moderne kantooromgeving met als thema groen en natuurlijk licht.


Architecture of
Digital Experiences

The solution provided thus far was a multidimensional transformation of EDGE Workspaces’ digital identity. We began by designing and building a fully customized WordPress platform, enhanced by deep API integrations with Zapfloor, enabling a seamless transition from customer interaction to CRM management. This system allowed users to navigate EDGE Workspaces‘ diverse offerings with ease, providing an unparalleled user experience that simplified the booking process and increased conversion rates.

The results were immediate. An in-depth analysis of Google Ads performance showed a significant increase in click frequency, while cost per click (CPC) decreased, indicating more efficient ad spend. At the same time, Google Analytics revealed an increase in overall website engagement, with longer session times and a higher number of page views. This improved engagement was a direct result of the intuitive navigation and engaging content that encouraged users to dive deeper into the world of EDGE Workspaces.

The solutions implemented were not only a triumph in technical execution but also marked an evolution in the way EDGE Workspaces communicated with their target audience. It was a testament to dusver’s ability to combine strategic vision with technical excellence, which positioned EDGE Workspaces as a leader in the digital space, just as they are in the physical.

Een mockup voor een website-ontwerp met verschillende pagina's. de bovenste navigatiebalk bevat tabbladen en een zoekpictogram. het hoofdgedeelte toont artikelen over milieuvriendelijke werkplekken, inclusief tekst, afbeeldingen van groene planten en kantoorinterieurs, en ronde iconen met illustraties met een milieuthema.

The project in

EDGE Workspaces ‘ digital landscape has been transformed by so far, with tangible results that underscore the power of our collaboration. The customized website and targeted Google Ads campaigns led to significant growth in web traffic and user interaction. Visitor numbers skyrocketed, conversions increased significantly, and website visitor engagement deepened, indicating a growing brand connection. Detailed analytics from Google Analytics show an increase in repeat visitors, while Google Ads data reveal a more efficient cost-per-conversion and improved conversion rates.

Visitor numbers

An impressive 80% increase in website visitors since the launch of the new website.



Conversions skyrocketed 120%, highlighting the effectiveness of the revamped online presence.



Website engagement deepened, with a 45% increase in average visitor session duration.


Search ad performance

Search ad optimization resulted in a 35% reduction in cost per click and a 0.5% improvement in click-through rate.


User interaction

New user acquisition improved by 65%, indicating effective outreach expansion.


Market coverage

Market coverage expanded with a significant 50% increase in clicks across major cities.


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