Sparkey's Digital Transformation: Innovation in HR Strategies

Find out how dusver helped Sparkey, a dynamic arm of Motivaction, build a powerful online presence. This case study reveals Sparkey‘s journey, from defining a unique brand identity to realizing an effective digital strategy. Sparkey’s challenge was to create a platform that exudes both professionalism and creativity, aimed at HR managers and employees. The result is a digital transformation that reflects Sparkey’s mission and vision and contributes to their growing impact in the HR industry.


Creating a
Unique HR Brand

Sparkey, an initiative of Motivaction, faced the challenge of establishing a unique position in the competitive HR market. As a new player with the expertise of an established research firm, it was essential to establish a distinctive brand. This meant creating a website that was not only professional and informative, but also exuded Sparkey’ s fresh, contemporary and creative identity. The goal was to develop a platform that attracts HR managers and companies through a combination of professionalism and a unique approach to HR issues. The collaboration with dusver focused on capturing this unique brand essence in all digital expressions, while allowing for flexibility and adjustments throughout the process. The challenge lay in balancing professionalism with an informal and modern feel so that Sparkey could stand out in a competitive marketplace. This required not only a deep understanding of Sparkey’ s vision and target audience, but also creativity and technical skill to build a website that was both functional and visually appealing, and that effectively communicated Sparkey’ s core values.

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Digital Transformation of Sparkey: Innovation in HR Marketing

dusver took on the challenge of digitally translating Sparkey’s unique HR vision. Working closely with the Sparkey team, a website was designed that was both professional and creative. We focused on a user-friendly interface with a contemporary design that reflects Sparkey ‘s innovative approach to HR. The website featured custom graphics, including unique illustrations and animations, that visually reinforced Sparkey’ s identity and core values.

Important was the integration of the Workprofiler tool into the website, giving visitors instant insight into Sparkey’s services. In addition, the site was optimized for search engines to increase online visibility and attract new customers. This was supported with carefully planned social media campaigns targeting both B2C and B2B customers.

dusver’ s flexible approach ensured that adjustments were made quickly and effectively. This resulted in a dynamic and interactive platform that not only reinforces Sparkey’ s brand identity, but also contributes to the company’s growth through effective lead generation and providing valuable information to visitors. The result is a digital representation of Sparkey that embodies both the company’s mission and vision, positioning them as a leading innovator in the HR industry.

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The project in

dusver’ s digital transformation of Sparkey has produced tangible results that underscore the strength of our collaboration. By developing a professional and attractive website, combined with effective marketing strategies, we achieved a significant increase in online engagement and brand recognition. The website has become not only a platform for lead generation but also a crucial link in strengthening Sparkey’ s brand identity. This has contributed to growing engagement with both existing and potential customers.

User interaction

Through validated UX choices based on interviews with Buyer Personas, a significant increase in user interaction and engagement on the website was observed.

Conversion Rate

The new customized website with an integrated visual editor improved conversion rates, thanks to its user-friendly design and optimized customer journey.

Visitor engagement

A positive percentage in visitor engagement and customer loyalty as a result of the improved online experience and brand perception.

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