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Discover how dusver’ s digital expertise has brought Voskuilen Interieur’s artisanal precision to the online realm, with a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality.


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Discover how Voskuilen Interieur takes interior design craftsmanship to unprecedented heights. Anchored in Hoevelaken, this Dutch company navigates the world of customization with a precision that rivals the finer points of the universe. From corporate spaces that feel near the stars to home galleries that breathe the soul of elegance, their portfolio is a cosmos of style and innovation.

For Voskuilen Interieur, our mission is to launch a digital platform that not only reflects their sophisticated taste but also ushers in the expansion of their brand universe. Our goal is to travel through the space of the digital world, attracting all audiences with a magnet of imagination and excellence. With strategically deployed data and streamlined processes, we are setting course for a future in which Voskuilen Interiors is synonymous with interior innovation, both locally and nationally.

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Creation of
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In the cosmos of interior design, Voskuilen Interieur is a shining star, known for its masterful customization and innovative designs. The collaboration with Sover had one clear goal: to create an online platform as unique and sophisticated as their craftsmanship, strengthening the connection with their target audience.

During our intensive session with Voskuilen Interieur, we explored the depth of their needs. With precision, we designed a digital experience that not only showcases their skill, but also makes the heart and soul of the brand palpable to every visitor. The result? A platform that embodies Voskuilen ‘ dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetics and creates a seamless connection between their work and the user, whether corporate clients or individuals.

We harnessed the universe of web development to build a responsive and intuitive website that provides an optimal experience on all devices. Our developers brought the website’s blueprint to life with dynamic, interactive experiences that invite visitors to immerse themselves in Voskuilen’s world of interior innovation.

Every detail, from the structure to the design, was carefully thought out and implemented to ensure that the website not only meets Voskuilen Interieur’s high standards but is also an authentic reflection of their vision. Before the launch, the website was subjected to extensive quality control, involving both the internal team at sover and Voskuilen Interieur, to ensure the perfect translation of their brand into the digital world.

Een webpagina van een interieurontwerpbureau met een collage van afbeeldingen van verschillende moderne kantoorruimtes en designelementen. het ontwerp bevat secties met beschrijvingen, contactgegevens en navigatiemenu's.

The project in

When craftsmanship and digital innovation come together, remarkable spaces are created – both physical and digital. Voskuilen Interieur, the beating heart of custom interiors, faced the challenge of being as impressive online as they are in their craft. Sover took on this challenge with a strategic approach that resulted in a sophisticated digital presence, tailored for both their corporate and residential customers.

User interaction

A 30% increase in click-through rate (CTR) on the revamped website, indicating a more effective user interface and engagement.


Bounce rate

A 20% reduction in bounce rate, an indication that visitors are finding relevant content and staying on the site longer.


Conversion ratio

A 15% increase in conversion rate, indicating an improved user experience that more effectively leads visitors to actions.


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